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GreenGeeks EPA Green Power Partner

It feels good knowing that you’re making a difference. GreenGeeks offers web hosting that is faster, scalable and eco-friendly. Every part of GreenGeeks as a company is as green as it can be. However, there is a no bigger environmentally friendly feature than the fact that their web hosting is 300% powered by renewable energy.

The GreenGeeks hosting platform was designed with maximum use, no waste of resources mindset. They also boast that every aspect of their hosting platform is built to be as energy efficient as possible.

How is GreenGeeks 300% powered by renewable energy? It means that for every kilowatt that GreenGeeks draws from the power grid, they replace back 3 times in the form of wind energy via the via Bonneville Environmental Foundation. So not only are they offsetting what they are using but they are actually putting back more clean wind energy into the power system. A website will then be “carbon-reducing” when hosted on their platform. GreenGeeks is also a recognized EPA Green Power Partner.

The environmental impact your website makes is an important fact to know. Web hosting servers pull energy from the grid, most of that energy comes from fossil fuels. GreenGeeks offers an eco-friendly website hosting solution.

Mitch Keeler

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ServerPronto is reducing its Carbon Footprint

ServerPronto continues its internal mandate to actively identify and replace hardware considered inefficient by today’s standards. It includes servers, networking equipment, and cooling infrastructure. Over the next few months, the company expects to decommission hundreds of devices.

“We all have an obligation to the planet and the environment,” says Chris Kurzweg, CEO of ServerPronto. “That’s why we’re taking steps to reduce excess energy consumption, and we’re absorbing the cost of the necessary hardware upgrades.”

The global data center carbon footprint is palpable: Seventeen percent of the total carbon footprint caused by technology is due to data centers. The electricity needed to run these data centers is nearly 30 billion watts.

The energy savings are substantial. Newer hardware often takes 1⁄5 of the power consumed by older devices, and that’s not even taking into account the benefits of less heat generation.
As a bonus, newer hardware is generally more powerful and reliable, which makes this move better for customers as well as the environment.

As Kurzweg states, “We’ve taken great care to ensure that hardware changes result in improved performance for customers as well as reduced energy consumption.” This move shows how ServerPronto continues to innovate in the dedicated and cloud hosting industry while offering fast, reliable, and affordable service.

About ServerPronto

ServerPronto has been a leader in dedicated server hosting for over 15 years and supports thousands of dedicated server customers in 99+ countries. With on-site technicians 24/7, ServerPronto offers a personalized customer service experience and a variety of dedicated servers to choose from. Other standard benefits include 2 hr average provisioning time, 100% Uptime SLA, Free Setup Assistance, 24/7/365 Customer Support, 24/7 Hardware Replacement, Full Root Access on all dedicated servers, Month-to-Month billing, 7-day Money Back Guarantee, Premium Multi-Homed Bandwidth and more.


María L. Méndez Flores
Writer and Contact Marketer
Phone: (877) 247-7668

Latest News and Hosting Review Datapipe

Hosting Review Datapipe – Company Overview

Datapipe Is a leading web hosting company particularly on the virtualization platform, founded in 2006.It offers single provider solution for securing and managing mission including infrastructure as a service, cloud computing, platform as a service, data and collocation centers. The company focuses on enhancing data capabilities by providing infrastructure support, and network services optimized for outstanding service performance. Company’s each solution is different and built on predictable cost model to keep a business running efficiently.
Datapipe is widely known for offering customers an option to fully utilize their server resources as well as provide a customized backbone for solutions, according to a predetermined description. These feature proven solutions based hardware from HP, Isilon and 3PAR and provide other infrastructure alternatives upon request, along with cloud-based solutions that deliver access to unmatched flexibility and power. Datapipe can react instantly, solve issues quickly and satisfy needs of the customers. Datapipe has the capability to deliver scale, scope, and agility from the world’s most influential financial and technical markets.

Datapipe Features

Datapipe is having two same time offerings for their clients, one is virtual computing services, and another one is web hosting services along with UNIX, LINUX and Windows hosting services also. Additionally, users get dedicated services including managed and cloud hosting, virtual data centers and collocation with scalable infrastructure that powers various applications around the globe. Datapipe employs the use of biometric access control in the most decisive part of data center tier 4. Their data center offers clients an availability of up to 99.99%.

Datapipe Services

The company provides application management, hosting and security services for large and medium sized industry along with predictable cost model which includes diagnostic, monitoring and issue resolution. Datapipe starts with forecasting needs and results in strategic, long term partnership with expert support without any limitations on the service request. Their goal is to design customized solution with right resources, create personalized, quick response, enterprise ready solution to perform powerfully. They offer solutions combine smart, long term strategic thinking with a range of services and products that develop advantage to a company.

Datapipe Reliability

The company offers Tier 4 data centers which are top class regarding quality and experienced technicians in the business who are available for up to 99.99% to users. Through high-quality hardware, their support team can deliver users with outstanding reliability and is excellent for critical sector and applications.

Datapipe Customer Support

Datapipe helps businesses to move fast with good infrastructure solutions which assist in reducing capital expenses, save operating costs and helps users to dedicate more of their time and resources to businesses, to stay competitive.

Latest News and Hosting Review HostColor

Company Profile

HostColor[dot]com is making its mark since 2000. A focal data center is based in Indiana and due to this, there are very bleak chances of lagging of excellent internet network to North America and Europe. Host color provides disaster recovery option, collocation, and dedicated hosting.

Hostcolor  Products

Managed web hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, cloud collocation, disaster recovery, video & streaming are some of the services provided by Host Color. OS installation and application of modules are according to customer’s preference and all VPS are semi-managed. In social web hosting, 20,000MB space and 150GB transfer is supplied.
For collocation hosting, the company provides an array of plans like COLO 1U, COLO 2U, COLO 10U, 1/4 RACK and a network is Juniper-managed with 100% uptime, SLA guarantee is assured.

Hostcolor Price

Fully Managed (FM) VPS Virtual Private Server costs for $49.95 per month. Backup plans cost as low as $5 per month for 10GB disk space. Custom Hosting starts from $2.00 per month while CMS hosting nearly $ 4. Fully managed collocation plan starts at $69.95 per month while monitored collocation costs $ 39 per month. For managed disaster recovery service, the cost per instance starts from $39.95.

Features offered by Hostcolor

It functions a redundant network, 100% uptime assured and SLA guarantee network that is associated to Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric,, US Signal, rounding up to more than 70 networks and ISPs. Powerful resource-rich, server systems, 24/7 Support – responsive, friendly and knowledgeable, scalable and is fairly priced.

  1. High availability hosting: Available as an opt-in service while signing up a process, it is useful in case the main website is unreachable for more than 5 minutes, the visitor is sent to the second website by DNS.
  2. FMSA service: Fully managed service account makes possible for owners of cPanel shared hosting account to assign website management and hosting to Host Color at a price for $69.
  3. Registration or transfer .com, .org, .biz, .us, .eu, .net etc domain names for $11.95 per year.
  4. 100% network uptime: due to Host Color’s redundant network.
  5. Secure SSL hosting & anti-spam and antivirus protection with other plans
  6. 1-click installation: Fast and easy installation of over 200 open source applications: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MODx, Zikula, Typo3, Magento, ZenPhoto, MediaWiki, Dolphin, Elg, phpBB, Pligg, OpenX, Piwik Analytics and phpCollab.

Recent Updates

HostColo[dot]om recently launched Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA). Targeted for new small business web hosting to facilitate that makes small business owners allot technical administration of websites, apps, and web hosting accounts to support team.

The Service Features

Web hosting technical audit, analysis, setup, and optimization; Uptime monitoring; Computing resource utilization and optimization; Installation and management of website analytics; WordPress websites installing and troubleshooting, design themes and troubleshooting, code and debugging, file & email setup, domain and DNS management. FMSA features 4 hours service and saves time and resources for users with limited knowledge of website design, coding, HTML and hosting management.
Managed Hosting is when the provider is accountable for setting up and configuring hardware, installing OS and software programs along with securing, maintaining, updating and monitoring the hardware. This managed service model is brought by Host Color into the shared segment of the web hosting market. Its customers are allowed to analyze bandwidth use, monitor business critical applications and network utilization. Monitoring data transfer usage by application, user, protocol and location are presented.

Support/Customer service

Hostcolor hosting values their customers and this is why the customer care desk and the technical team are accessible to clients 24/7. They are also very fast in responding to their client’s needs thus efficient customer care support and happy customers.


The company operates from a high-class data center that is very well equipped with the latest and most powerful servers in the industry that clients get only the best quality and best performing hosting services from the company. They use only Intel processor based server only in their data center, the best in the industry. The technical support team is reached 24/7/365 and is highly skilled to deal with clients varying technical difficulties and on top of that, they are very responsive. The company more so offers very fast, stable and reliable hosting services to their client’s thus great performance.


The Hostcolor hosting company has a customer care team that can be reached all round the clock, 24/7 to cater to all the needs of their clients. On top of that, the technical team at HostColor can be reached throughout the day and night too and more so, they are highly skilled and respond very fast to clients problems.

Latest News and Hosting Review Interserver

Hosting Review Interserver – Company Profile

Interserver is one of the most comprehensive web hosting companies since 1999 and offers a broad range of packages for both a simple personal blog and big corporate site. Privately owned hosting company and it has a high-end data center in New Jersey. It offers customer’s access to a fast connection with high-speed connections with excellent reliability. Interserver has included various services time to time such as dedicated servers and managed services as well as collocation services and domain registration. Employees in the company also responsible for tickets and queries.
As a technology and product innovator, Interserver provides numerous users with innovative products and services designed to complement their existing business. The solid reputation of can be recognized through an increment in the number of customers day by day. Their primary focus is on the support and quality and for this company deliver 24/7 customer support. Through this, their support team provides uninterrupted services and comprehensive resources and all the tools needed to run a business.
About Company
  • Estd. 1999
  • Datacenter: Owned in United States

Interserver Features

Interserver has launched its new Dedicated Server Special Plan. This ultimate hosting server comprises of CPU: 2 x E5-2620 (12 cores), Memory: 64GB RAM, Hard Disk: 2 x 2TB SATA (software raid1), Backup Disk: 2TB SATA, 10TB Bandwidth, 5 IPS and is priced at $300 per month.
E3 Special plan offers CPU: E3-1230,
Memory: 16GB RAM,
Hard Disk: 2 x 2TB SATA (software raid1), 10TB Bandwidth, 5 IPS at a cost of $ 99.00 per month.
Both plans come with 30-days money back guarantee.
Interserver follows whole essential feature and has packages for clients at every level. Their plans come with everything as per user’s requirement. Interserver is dealing in cloud hosting, reseller hosting, web hosting, dedicated servers, quick servers, and collocation. For, dedicated servers, a user can develop own a custom build and have pre-configured options or call ‘quick servers’ so a user can get a site up a and it runs fast. All hosting are affordable and customer gets an instant reply to their generated tickets. Hosting plans provide speedy data transfer up to 10GB, they are using BGPv4 routing protocol for faster over routing and get the desired file from any pathway which helps in improving the user experience.
Support team stands every time because of their SLA that makes their users more comfortable and relaxed about their service and support. The company has various packages to choose from their unlimited options. Reliability of packages is quite high, so they don’t overload shared servers. Additionally, Company has also included options for MySQL database installed on SSD drive to increase reliability and speeds. Also get great reseller options and an option of Windows, OpenVZ or KVM, and Linux.

Hosting Review Interserver – Interserver Pricing

Interserver is providing around 16 solutions ranging from intro-level and elite level of VPS products. They promise to pay back clients with a full refund if they are not happy with the services or if they cancel accounts within 30 days after registration. They allow online payment portal options like; Credit Card, Check order, and PayPal which makes customers feel comfortable in dealing. For pricing policy, the company makes the basic plan available the at the cost of $6 per month and for the highest plan charges up to $96 per month. They have plans at virtually every price point; users can find service which works for them at a price they can afford.

Services Offered

  • Webhosting and VPS
  • Dedicated servers
  • colocation
  • Managed Services


  • Technology and product innovator
  • Price lock for Life of account
  • The company provides its innumerable customers with innovative products and services designed to complement their existing businesses
  • The customers provided with all the tools needed to run their business.
  • Reliable, Secure
  • Uptime: 99.9%
  • Customer Service: Outstanding 24/7 technical support via Ticket, Live Chat, and Phone
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 Day

Social Media & Web Hosting Directory Listing

Reliability & Uptime

Reliability of Interserver can be determined through services provided, as they provide 30-day money back guarantee. On top of that, they also deliver 99.5% uptime and 100% power guarantee on their collocation services for power with various data centers and highly skilled staff work for 24/7 and protect their data. They introduce several offers according to the occasions and upgraded services time to time for quick response to the users. Their data center is fully redundant power and internet connections that help users to avoid unexpected downtime.

Customer Support

Interserver offers live chat and phone support through toll-free number 24 hours per day with nice internal ticketing system which is easy to use. Some good self-help content available on company’s web site and user forums available for user’s help.

Public Relations Activity – Hosting Review Interserver

InterServer Donates to Hurricane Harvey Relief

  • Hurricane Harvey has significantly impacted Houston & parts of Louisiana. Left the area and its residents with a long road to recovery. InterServer would be donating 100% of the first month’s payment for each web hosting order directly to the American Red Cross.

Latest News and Hosting Review Hostgator

Hosting Review Hostgator

Company Introduction – Hosting Review Hostgator

Key Selling Points

  • An award-winning and leading web host provider

Founder: Brent Oxley
Establishment: 2002
Parent Company: Endurance International Group

HostGator is an award-winning and leading web host provider, with the most affordable hosting packages that come with large disk spaces, huge bandwidth, zero downtime and a responsive customer and tech support staff. Hostgator is an independent web hosting company that was created by Brent Oxley. They have obtained quite a few achievements prior to their start in 2002. In addition to achieving their 25+ awards, their customer service is truly amazing. Hostgator is a solid company that will exceed your expectations. Once you take the leap and host with Hostgator you will be a customer for life. They simply do everything a good hosting company should do.

Hostgator offers shared, dedicated, reseller hosting. Along with the recently launched VPS hosting plans, Hostgator offer great rooms for website growth. This makes server switching and upgrading possible within Hostgator – which in other words, huge money and time savings for you as the website owner.

Hostgator offers Linux hosting only, but they will be adding windows hosting shortly. They offer hosting plans in three different categories, Hatchling, Baby, and Swamp. Baby and swamp offer unlimited domains too. Their hosting services are all equipped with the tools you need to get your website up and running.

Hostgator offer great discounts to first-time subscribers. Rules and amounts of Hostgator promotion codes do vary. Some coupons will give you a great deduction on an annual subscription and some coupon codes are better for beginners who want a heavy discount on their first month’s subscription.

Hostgator are the best host and have a solid reputation for customer support. I have looked at many independent customer reviews and found many positive comments about them. Their live chat facility is brilliant. I had to use it a couple of times when I first used them. I didn’t really know what I was doing technically. I didn’t have to wait long for someone to become available and they were thorough, patient and really helpful with me. My problems were sorted without fuss. I also found that their technical support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

HostGator: The price for the first month is at the lowest 1 cent and $ 4.94 for subsequent months. HostGator is a currently independent hosting provider to over 3,500,000 websites. Features provided are SSH Secure Shell, 24/7/365 phone / live chat support, 4,500 free templates and free site builder. Hatchling package price starts at $ 6.71 per month.
It may seem pricey but its discounts and promo codes keep a check. HostGator Web Hosting is one of the stable and reliable web host providers. It’s’ dedicated server package awarded them Editors’ Choice in the dedicating hosting category. The prices start from $ 3.47 per month.
Hostgator offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, easy to install site templates and uptime guarantee all starting from $ 3.96 per month. Other low-end features like unlimited email, 1-click install, Google Adwords credit are added to the kitty.
Though not the cheapest, their superior quality and unrelenting support make them stand apart from others. Hostgator offers various packages, but for a beginner, shared hosting package for WordPress is best suited. Other plans include Hatchling plan (One website hosting), Baby plan costs $ 3.96 (Unlimited site hosting) and Business plan (Free private IP + Private SSL). Reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers provided which makes up-gradation easy.

The monthly billing cycle is available for $ 9.95. The company supplies coupons for its delighted customers for example only 1 cent coupon entitles the customer to pay $ 0.01 for the first month. HostGator has been serving international customers and, reseller hosting is available. It comes with Fantastico Script Installer and cPanel Linux OS.

Services Offered – Hosting Review Hostgator

web hosting, cloud technology and web presence solutions for small business

Hostgator Webhosting

Hostgator is a well reputed hosting company in the web hosting market. Hostgator has 100% customer satisfaction and received lots of awards. The hosting plan includes – reseller hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting. HostGator hosting plan features are, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free site builder, 4,500 free website templates, 99.99% uptime guarantee, 45-day money back guarantee, $100 Google AdWords offer and more at the price starting from $3.95/month.
The technical team of Hostgator is available 24X7 and with their professional team who are anytime ready to solve the customer’s issue that is technical and let them know how they can prevent them in future. HostGator also provides services such as script set up, SSL certificates, site registration, vendor solutions, and web design to assist their customers to achieve a better result.
The admins of Hostgator do the monitoring of the servers 24/7 to resolve any issue before the issue gets into the serious stage so that the customers don’t get affected. The networks and data centers are watched and managed by on-site technicians who are dedicated to ensuring reliability and maximum uptime. It is clear that while analyzing the performance of HostGator that not a single website hosted in the HostGator was down for more than five minutes continuously.
Hosting Features: unlimited disk space, bandwidth and 1-Click Script Installs.
Hostgator is a world leading company offering shared, VPS, reseller web hosting services and solutions to their customers at good prices with some of sophisticated features. It was founded in 2002 and based at Houston, Texas. Hostgator serves over 4,00,000 customers with advanced and innovative products and services which results in enriching their existing business. It has more than 12,000 servers and hosted over 5 million domains leads to the creation of 1 percent of the Worlds web traffic.
Hostgator offers various types of products and services and solutions to their clients. They are listed below:
Shared Hosting : With Single Domain, Unlimited Disk Space, data transfer and Email(s), Hatchling plan starts at the price of INR 400 per month. In applications, it offers WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento hosting.
Windows Hosting : With Unlimited diskspace, bandwidth and e-mails and single domain, Personal plan starts at the price of Rs.485 per month. In features, it offers Plesk cPanel, FTP Accounts, features related to programming and database, 99.9 % uptime guarantee, 45 days money back guarantee, powerful admin tools and others.
Reseller Hosting : With 50 GB of Disk Space, 500 GB of Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains, Aluminium plan starts at a price of Rs.1,095 per month. In features, it offers WHM cPanel and latest cPanel, Green web hosting, Unlimited E-Mail accounts, features related to programming and database, Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts and others.
VPS Hosting : With 0.57 GHz CPU, 384 MB of RAM, 10 GB of Disk Space and 250GB of Bandwidth, price of the plan begins at Rs.975 per month. With this it offers cutting edge hardware and UNLIMITED Domains, Sub Domains, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts, PRIVATE Name Servers and others.
Dedicated Server : With Intel E3-1220LV2, 2.30 GHz Dual Core w/HT, 4 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD in RAID 1, 1 TB Transfer, 2 Free IPs, Basic plan starts at the price of Rs.9795 per month.
Business Email : With 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 5 GB Space for Every User, 99.99% uptime guarantee, for more than 50 E-Mail accounts, Rs.35 is charges per account per month.
Domains : Various domains are offered, .website domain starts at the price of Rs.373.
Digital Certificates : Positive SSL is offered at the price of Rs.1350 per year for 3 years including features of Domain-validation, 1 Domain, additional server licenses at free of cost, $10,000 warranty level and issued within 2 days.
Codeguard : Its Basic plan starts at the price of Rs.69 per month. It includes 1 GB of Diskspace, Unlimited websites, maximum 5 websites and automated backup and some other useful features.
It offers Unlimited Web hosting with some of unlimited features such as UNLIMITED Disk Space, UNLIMITED Bandwidth, 1-CLICK Script Installs, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and 24/7/365 Technical Support. It starts at the price of INR 155 per month.

The company has announced integration of MOJO Marketplace into platform of technology. Shared hosting customers are allowed by HostGator to purchase templates, themes and WordPress services through QuickInstall, accessed from control panel directly.
MOJO Marketplace, part of family brand of Endurance, is one-stop shop where users can buy latest website plugins, templates,scripts and logos from few most famous open-source applications like Joomla, PrestaShop, Concrete 5, Drupal and WordPress. Company is providing Professional Services includes eCommerce services, SEO, analytics, web design, development and WordPress Services. There are nearly 5,000 different services and products available in marketplace.
With few mouse clicks, power of thousands of services and products placed in customer’s hands by MOJO Marketplace. To build web presence for customers makes easier using benefit of experts help and easy to use products by MOJO. Building an online presence simple by company to make focus of customers on growth of small business. To make excellent collaboration MOJO is introduced to HostGator family.
Micro services which are MOJO Marketplace’s famous services are available take an average of 2-3 days to purchase and complete for one-time fee. Most popular micro services are:
Make WordPress Site look like Theme Demo : For complex customization and setup many users are not prepared for WordPress theme. Theme installation required by this service and WordPress site look like theme demo by expertise. Customers can replace demo text and images with their own while installing demo content, despite of starting from scratch.
WordPress All In One : WordPress installation is included in this comprehensive starter kit. Installation is done on theme installation, domain, backup, demo setup, WordPress SEO/SEM Sitemap, a $49 theme credit, WordPress Theme training and WordPress Site Security.
WordPress Theme Training : With MOJO theme expert this service includes 30-minute phone training.
To bring MOJO Marketplace to users of HostGator in an innovative and personal way. Best themes, services and offers of MOJO are brought with this integration to manage customer’s website. For long time company has been developing forward.

Customers – Hosting Review Hostgator

What for Customers?

  • Affordable hosting packages with large disk spaces and huge bandwidth

Support: 24.7.365. A responsive customer and tech support staff.
Uptime: 99.99%
Money-back Guarantee: 45-days
Hostgator offers uninterrupted and good customer support to their clients for 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can reach them via live chat or give a call at any time of the day. They are having a good team of staff which is highly trained, technically qualified and experienced, thus able to handle your queries efficiently and deliver you maximum satisfaction. With this, it offers 30 days and 45 days money back guarantee as per the paln you choose to their clients.

What’s New

Hostgator has recently announced a great deal in which they are offering 30 percent off on their new web hosting packages. Whether you are a fresher or running an online business from last few years, you can avail this great deal or discount by purchasing new packages of hostgator.
Hostgator Introduction

Now before we go into the Hostgator Review in detail, we should learn a little about Hostgator itself. This company has been around since 2002 and has been catering to many websites (2.5 million to be exact). The company has been catering to various companies and individuals for their hosting requirements.

Hostgator Hosting features

This Hostgator Review is incomplete without mentioning the various features that are offered by the company and they are as listed below.
  • There are more than 22 languages that are available
  • You will also have access to more than 4500 templates for websites
  • The domain registration is completely free
  • The billing system is absolutely free
  • You can even assign names top your private servers
  • You will also be given free software to build your website
  • Multiple FTP accounts
  • Multiple Cpanels
  • More than one MYSQL database
  • Multiple emails
  • More than one domains
  • You also have access to sub domains

Hostgator Reliability

Now this Hostgator Review will also discuss the reliability of the company so that you can decide whether it is good for you in the long run. The good quality of services that are provided by the company has made the company a very trusted name in the web hosting industry. The company’s ever increasing popularity has enabled the company to reach out a wide customer base all over the world. The company has also received the INC 5000 awards. So it is evident that the company is worth it.

Hostgator Customer service

The customer service offered by this company is absolutely next to perfect. As a customer you can approach the customer service team for assistance on any issue that you may be facing and the team will be ever ready to help you out.

Company Pros and cons

The current customers of the company can vouch for the fact that the services offered by the company are in fact good. As a customer you will never experience downtime in fact your website will experience uptime always. In fact the company also offers a refund within 45 days if it fails to provide what it promised.
Another point worth mentioning in this Hostgator Review is the amount of disk space provided by the company is quite good. With the disk space provided you can be rest assured that the website will be functional at all times without facing any technical problems what so ever. Considering that the company charges very reasonable prices so you will actually end up getting much more than you imagined. The more the disk space the more content you can post on your website without facing any problems what so ever.
Another fact that should be highlighted in this Hostgator Review is that it has unlimited MySQL. This will help you develop good web based applications. In short if you go for Hostgator you can seriously add a lot of growth to your website. So try to keep the points mentioned in the Hostgator Review .

Contact Details

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for the company, you can reach them through following ways:

  • Corporate Address:
    Endurance Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
    Near Kings Park Layout,
    Maryhill, Mangalore 575015,
    Karnataka, India
  • Toll Free No.: 1800-209-8833
  • Local-+91-824-6614111,
  • For Billing purpose, Fax No.+91-824-2485303
  • For any abuse, Email:

Endurance International Group of Renowned Hosting Brands

The company helps millions of small businesses worldwide with products and technology to enhance their online web presence, email marketing, business solutions, and more.

Headquarters: Burlington, Massachusetts

No. of Employees: 3,700+ people across the United States, Brazil, India and the Netherlands

Web Hosting Brands: Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteBuilder

Latest News and Hosting Review ipage

iPage: With web hosting iPage cPanel gives users access to tools like SEO, PC backup, security applications, malware scanning, etc. for developing and improving a website. Features include free security suite, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited emails, unlimited domain hosting, and easy installation of many scripts including b2evolution. For a 12 month contract, the cost is $ 1.99 per month.
iPage for WordPress starter plan the price comes to $ 3.75 per month and WordPress essential is for $ 6.95. Added features include customized control panel, pre-installed themes & plugins, significant performance, super speed and enhanced security with personalized and expert support.

Company Introduction

Page is a popular web host, offering quality hosting for personal and small business websites since 1998. Unlike other hosting providers with complicated plans, company offers somewhat different features and upgraded allocations. Additionally, it gives main focus on three things- Customer’s Email, Website and Online Security. Company is outstanding when it comes in helping clients. It features apparently in the list of cheapest web hosts and thanks to its ideal combination of remarkable value for money and simplicity which makes them ideal for hosting website on budget.

On top of that, users get over 300 in marketing tools including WordPress installation, advertising and web builder. Clients are further entitled to pay for basic plan which suits their needs, included storage space and unlimited bandwidth. It hosts so many options when it comes to developing website which reflects their personality and brands. It also includes features such as free domain name, unlimited disk space, free website builder and anytime money-back guarantee.

iPage is one of the leading webs hosting company founded in 1998. It is very reliable and has a good performance from last few years. It is emerged as the fastest web hosting and also the safest one among all. It also provides an opportunity to people to earn by designing, maintaining and hosting web pages. With this, it also offers the opportunity to work on various tools and services provided by the provider, even without any experience. From last 10 yrs, it is on the top of the web hosting companies. Their services are very flexible, as they fulfill the needs of their customers.

iPage Hosting features

It offers various features on their web hosting services such as 99.9%uptime guarantee, used Linux as a hosting platform, anytime money back guarantee, daily back up. The products that are offer by the Ipage include dedicated IP, domain registration and shared hosting. In terms of security, your website is very secure and safe to a certain extent as SSL certificate is used by the provider. If we talk about the E-mail features such as SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Webmail then they all are provided with their web hosting services. With these features, it also filters all your spam mails, which will not waste your time in checking mails. It may deliver 300 e-mails per hr to your mail account, which is a big quantity of no. of mails in your inbox. After so many web hosting features, it is seen that it offers additional support also to their clients or customers. There are so many power plugins that are offer such as Content Management Systems including (Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, and e107), Photo Galleries such as Gallery2, Coppermine, and ZenPhoto, few blogs such as WordPress, PixelPost, b2evolution and Forums like Gbook, phpBB, SMF. It also provides various languages support such as PERL support, PHP, website backup software and server side include. In additional features, it also offer some free add-ons such as template based site builder, blog setup wizard, Google custom search engine, drag and drop site builder, personalized domain name and many more.


iPage offers excellent customer service to all their customers or clients, as customer satisfaction is the main objective of every organization. This company serves websites with high quality servers like dedicated server. iPage servers decreases the load time, provide redundancy and fewer service interruptions. Due to all this, it is consider as a reliable company in web hosting.

Customer Service

They offer their customers 24 hrs supports, so that if they face any problem, then their customer care executives are available anytime for help. They interact with their customers via chat, phone and email. Their customer care executives are well trained and well qualified to serve their customers well and to resolve technical as well as other kinds of problems.

Company pros and cons

Ipage is having 25 brands all over the world. It is highly reputed and very efficient provider among all the web hosting companies. They care about their customers very well, serving in more than 150 different countries and serve around 1,000,000 websites and 1,500,000 domains. It also ensures the best marketing of your web site. It increases productivity as it offers good scalability in terms of services, products and applications. Its price is only $1.99 per month, thus it is consider as the cheap web hosting provider.
Yes, here we have discussed the pros of ipage, but there are few people who do not appreciate the services of ipage, after using them, as their hosting services features may be not compatible with their websites. Actually, ipage is unable to provide support to those websites that need hosting on windows server. It does not provide any option to their clients to upgrade to a web hosting plan, which contain few advanced features, as dedicated server has. This shows that if ipage is unable to handle the activities which are taking place on the website, a new web site hosting provider has to be contracted by the owner of the website.

iPage Shared Web Hosting Package

Users can get plans for one year, two year and three year term with two year and three year rates working up to $1.68 per month. $2.50 per month rate is levied on one year term and $1.68 for longer contracts. Renewals are at regular cost- $10.99 monthly for one year, $9.99 and $8.99 monthly for two and three years respectively. iPage’ essential plan is only one that is available from site with MySQL databases.
There are three various site-builder tools, built-in online store, access to Mojo marketplace for more third party applications and various advertising tools. For shared hosting plan one needs to pay $9.99 for domain privacy. For SSL enabling on site, one can buy it for introductory cost of $49.95.

iPage VPS Hosting Package

Company offers solid VPS hosting plan ranging from $24.99 per month is the best option for high traffic volumes or specific compliance requirements. It includes three configurations for Linux-based servers-Basic plans start from $24.99 per month included 1GB RAM, 40GB storage and 1TB data transfer. Business plan provides 40GB RAM, 90GB Storage and 3TB data transfer. On the other hand, optimum plan includes 8GB RAM, 120GB storage and 4TB monthly data transfer.

iPage Dedicated Hosting Package

Company’s dedicated server plans start at $149 per month and its dedicated WordPress hosting starts at $3.75 per month for starter plan and $6.95 per month for essential plan. Difference between these two plans is blog performance and support level. Through WordPress plan, user can access themes, custom control panel, anti-malware tools from Sitelock, pre-installed plug-in and extended support.

iPage Features

There is basic CM4AII template based builder, that build up to six pages at zero cost but it does not work with Google Chrome and is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Control Panel provides goMobi site builder for building mobile optimized sites. It has anti malware for email, online store for choice of shopping cart and integration. Beyond that, user will have access to 1GB of cloud storage space and visitors traffic reports, unlimited use of MySQL database.

Customer Support

ipage certainly provides rock solid customer support via live chat, telephone and email. In addition, it is helpful in providing free phone number and quick response to calls with an average of one minute.

Money Back Guarantee

It offers great value for money, though users always get their money back in case of dissatisfaction. For the duration of initial 30 days, user will get full cost of hosting plan refunded. Money back guarantee ensures refund for remainder of payment term. Company does not refund cost of domain name, so user can keep the domain and take it to another hosting provider.

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