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Hosting Review KnownHost

About Company – Hosting Review KnownHost leads the way of businesses through their ultra-fast, scalable and reliable hosting services specially designed for enterprise clients. The company offers managed and unmanaged VPS hosting along with managed dedicated servers and SSD VPS hosting.
The Company has proven track records and follows all essential standards to serve unbeatable VPS hosting services with unbelievable support.

KnownHost Reputation:

With years of hands on experience, KnownHost has Ultra high VPS performance with unparalleled support by professionals. The well-known managed to host service provider featuring:

  1. Economic hosting solutions for enterprises in the form of managed and unmanaged VPS hosting managed SSD VPS and managed dedicated servers with a 30 days money back guarantee.
  2. KnownHost take cares of their users and respond quickly in order to maintain a better user experience.
  3. The company believes in better customer relationship and provides a better user interface with an easy to interaction feature.
  4. The customer centric company provides 24*7*365 instant professional support to make their customers feel special.

KnownHost Performance and Product Offered

With a biometric scanner, 24*7 on-site technicians, independent power source and clean and clear data servers, KnownHost has everything that a business looks for their hosting needs. Servers in the company have proven 99.996% uptime with a reliable support (recently, it has faced DDoS attack in their Texas network, but resolved it within 30 minutes of duration).

The company has multiple hosting options for organizations, such as:

  1. Managed VPS hosting
  2. Managed SSD VPS hosting
  3. Managed Dedicated Servers

KnownHost Reliability

The company offers pocket friendly managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS) that begins in just $25 per month’s cost with 24*7*365 support by professionals, 99.996% uptime from 3 networks, powerful, speedy and feature rich dashboard for customers including multiple third party script support feature.

Customer Support and Uptime:

Recently company reported a DDoS attack which was approx 100Gbps in size and multiple VPS faced downtime in server loading. Minor complaints were placed on several web hosting forums, but technical staff recognized it soon and placed updates on their official forum. Not only the staff, but the COO also tweets on the forum about their Texas network’s server issue. Support group addressed the issue quickly and respond back within 30 minutes of time span.
Apart from the above mentioned instant response on the technical issue, KnownHost has profound customer support team, who can address the problem and resolve it sooner than others. KnownHost has 3 network areas in Texas, Western and Maryland with 24*7 on-site technicians and unbelievable technical support system with 24*7*365 availability. With such great customer support system, KnownHost offers almost 99.996% uptime guarantee with all hosting plans.

Cost effective Options for your hosting needs:

The company especially deals in VPS hosting, it can be identified as its forte or its specialty, but KnownHost treats it as their opportunity to serve better with better options. To make it more real, KnownHost offers multiple options to enterprises to choose the best-suited package for their enterprise.

The service packages that company offers are:

1. Managed VPS: Company offers almost 7 different packages for enterprises, which reveals their grip over their managed VPS services. The starter price is just $25 per month, which is economic for enterprises as well as individuals.
2. Managed SSD VPS: Enterprises that want a combination of managed VPS services and the ultra-fast speed of SSD drives for their hosting requirements, here, the company offers Managed SSD VPS at a modest price with a variety of choices. The company provides 5 different packages with a starter price of $35 per month.
3. Managed Dedicated Servers: Company provides custom built, secured and fully optimized managed dedicated servers with a premium bandwidth. Including top notch 24/7/365 support, the company offers 4 different choices to enterprises.
KnownHost’s dedicated servers can be customized as per enterprise needs and requirements. A configuration that company offers to enterprises includes:

  • CPU: i7-4770 4×3.4GHz
  • Cores: 4Cores
  • Threads: 8Threads
  • Clock: @ 3.4Ghz 8MB
  • Installed RAM: 16GB DDR3
  • Maximum RAM: 32GB DDR3
  • Storage Drives: 750GB SATA – II
  • Max Drives: 2
  • Bandwidth: 10TB
  • Price: $179/Month
  • Control Panel: cPanel + Softaculous

Contact Details

  • Company Address :
    KnownHost LLC
    1379 Dilworthtown Crossing
    Suite 214
    West Chester, PA 19382
    United States
  • Email Support :
    KnownHost’s sales and billing staff is available 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST
    Monday thru Friday via phone and email.
    Technical Support is available 24x7x365 via its email or helpdesk.
    For Sales Inquiries – sales
    For Billing Inquiries – billing
    For Marketing Inquiries – marketing
    For Technical Support – support or Help Desk
  • U.S. Toll-Free: 1-866-332-9894
  • Fax: +1-703-991-8896

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