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Hosting Review HostRocket

Hosting Review HostrocketHostRocket was founded in 1999 and provides web hosting services to approximately 50.000 websites. Its data center consists of thousands of servers and the ability to more than double the capacity of the server room ensures that customers will have room to grow. Host Rocket offer one of the cheapest hosting solutions available. They also make it possible for you to host all your websites in one account. HostRocket provides a high level of support and clients can get support through several channels like live support, an email support ticket system, telephone support and a web help forum.

With HostRocket your business can grow without any problems. Even if you originally hosted a single web domain, you can always host an unlimited number of domains within any HostRocket account.

We believe that this advantage is very important because it removes from the very beginning all the problems appeared with the migration from a hosting account to another or even when upgrading the initial pocket. In terms of security, stability and reliability of its servers, HostRocket pass successfully the test undergone by our webmasters. Using Cisco routers and efficient switches, that reduce downtime close to zero, but also redundant firewalls to be able to prevent DOS or DDOS type attacks, HostRocket has won the trust of thousands of users worldwide.

Moreover, we should not overlook the fact that HostRocket uses high performance backup generators in combination with UPS batteries in order to prevent data loss and also to provide as small as possible server downtime.

Another important feature that HostRocket has is free site backup (via cPanel). HostRocket will allow you to have your own SSL certificate with reseller abilities. They will support everything your site could possibly need including PHP (with e Accelerator), MySQL, Perl, SSH access, Cron Abilities, and even AwStats. Along with that you have the flexibility to add your own dedicated IP’s. 128 SSL certificates, register domains, domain transfers, and even remote backups.

In the end conclusion is that HostRocket is a subpar web hosting service, because of their dodgy customer service. HostRocket is a good choice as a web hosting company and you should not experience any problems with their service. If you do experience any problem you have several easy ways you can use to get support. It is almost impossible to deal with and a couple times through and you will find yourself looking for a new hosting service. It would be safe to say that if you use HostRocket you should go ahead and purchase some aspirin, as well.


Latest News And Web Hosting Review Apps4Rent

Hosting Review Apps4RentApps4Rent LLC has announced that Semi-dedicated SharePoint servers are available at which is a popular site for free SharePoint hosting. The semi-dedicated solution allows organizations to learn solutions of third party custom with considerable savings as compared to dedicated SharePoint servers. Developers who need whole access to the SharePoint environment are using semi-dedicated offerings.

Some features of Semi-Dedicated solution are:

  1. Whole access of administrator to the server through RDP : Customers are getting full access to the SharePoint server as administrators via RDP with Semi-Dedicated server. They are able to login into the server any time after using these servers.
  2. Central Administrator access : This enable customer to access the Central Administration and Activate/ Deactivate different components. Customers will be able to make server wide changes to SharePoint values those have restrictions in hosted environments.
  3. Sharing of MS SQL server : MS SQL is a hosted SQL which has daily and full incremental backups.
  4. Installation of third party solutions and custom applications : Installing custom applications and third party solutions is easy with full accessing of the server and a Central Administrator.
  5. Attractive rate point : At an attractive price it is offered. When it will be compared to full dedicated servers, this solution is providing particular savings for a comparable configuration.

Latest News And Web Hosting Review August99

web hosting review August99A technology company


CEO: Tiger Bitanga
CTO: Bernd Rennebeck

Brands Include Agent Image, Oqulo, Dojo and Clickality within the web design, development, Internet marketing, and PropTech verticals.

Services Offered

  • Building websites for local and International companies

Latest News

Hack Manila 2018: Hosts 48-Hour Hackathon at Loft Spaces on November 17 to 18, 2018 with up to ₱500,000 in prizes and gifts for emerging most innovative and best-performing tech trailblazers. Hackers range from students to professionals all across Metro Manila would engage in collaborative programming to produce a web, mobile, or hardware project from scratch. The event sponsored by August 99, Canstar,, and Loft Spaces; presented by Digital Ocean, True Logic, GDG Cloud Manila, Nescafé, GCash, and San Miguel Beer; and in partnership with Eastern Communications, Red Bull, Dunkin’ Donuts, Power Mac Center, Sosro PH, The Smokeyard, Cuisine by Chef and Brewer, Oishi, Bounty Agro Ventures, and Kalibrr.

Latest News And Web Hosting Review ServerMania

About Company

ServerMania was founded in 2002 and based at Ontario, Toronto and Canada. It has 4 data centers situated at Los Angeles, Chicago, Buffalo and Atlanta in North America. The company offers services at level of clients –enterprise at a reasonable price. It offers various completely customized VPS and dedicated hosting services. It offers 100 percent up-time SLA and 24 hrs. customer support to their customers.

Why Choose this Company

  • Company offers Surge Control panel which makes process of installation of server very easy and assist customer to easily manage their hosting services.
  • Services are offered at the best prices in industry which makes customers satisfied.
  • The infrastructure of company is quite flexible and designed in such a manner that it is easily compatible with all kinds of applications.
  • Customers are compensated by the company when an outage occurs. It is entitled by offering 100 percent up-time SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • Whole team of ServerMania is very dedicated towards their customers or clients. Regular surveys are conducted by the company to determine the level of satisfaction of their customers and to take the necessary steps, if required.

Company Services

ServerMania offers various types of hosting services and solutions to their clients.

1. Dedicated Servers : Servers are formed in such manner that addons can be completely customized by their clients and having 1Gbps network port.

  • Single Processor Dedicated Server : It offers a wide range of customizable options at affordable prices. Smallest plan Intel Atom C2750 offers8 Cores x 2.4 GHz, 500 GB SATA, 16 GB RAM, 1 GbpsDDoS Protection, 1 Gbps Network Speed and 10 TB of Bandwidth. The starting price is $69per month.
  • Dual Processor Dedicated Server : It offers highly scalable solution by which flexibility is offered so that complete potential of your hosted applications can be unleash. Smallest plan Dual XEON E5-2620v2 offers storage space of 120 GB SSD at 249$ per month.

2. Virtual Private Servers : VPS offered user friendly solutions for hosting small websites or a private storage server. It comes with a disk in which RAID is configured and offers 100 Mbps network port speed. Various VPS plans are there in which smallest plan offers 1GB of RAM and its price starts at $10 per month.

3. Cloud Servers : Cloud Servers offers highly scalable solution with back up of data on automated basis, 16 GB of RAM and redundant power.

  • Linux Cloud Hosting : The smallest plan offers 1GB of RAM with 40 GB of SSD starts at $ 15per month.
  • Windows Cloud Hosting : Its plan starts at the price of $35 per month comes with 1GB of RAM with 40 GB of SSD.

4. Hosting Solutions : It offers latest hosting solutions with good customer support, 100% uptime SLA, 100% Network at an affordable price. It offers various kinds of hosting solutions such as Database Hosting, Ubuntu Hosting, Redmine Hosting, SSD Hosting, PostgreSQL Hosting, Python Hosting, FTP Hosting, Moodle Hostingand nGinx Hosting.

Customer Support

ServerMania has a good techno savy, trained professional staff who offers their support to all their clients for 24 hrs a day. They provide answers to your queries within 15 min or less than this and that’s guaranteed.

What’s New

As the use of smartphones, tablets is increasing day by day and people like to use internet more on their phones, rather than on desktops, laptops to access everything. So, considering this, ServerMania refreshes website of their clients in such manner that when their visitors or users access them on their phones, they found sites convenient and user friendly. It modifies layouts, fonts and menus which results in improving user experience in using web on the specific devices. Company is now using industry-standard best-practices so that they can offer good mobile experience to their clients.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for the company, you can reach them through following ways:

  • Corporate Address : 371 Front Street West, Suite #305, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 3S8
  • Toll Free No.: 1-888-237-6637, (USA) 716-745-4678, (CAN) 647-846-0310
  • Fax No.: 416-352-1834
  • E-Mail Address: For Billing inquiries :, For Pre-purchase inquiries :, For Technical Support : For any abuse complaint or like to contact to legal deptt. :

Virtual Private Server Hosting Providers

Virtual private server (VPS), as its name suggests, it is an imaginary machine or server whose services are offered to clients by various web hosting companies.

VPS possess their own copy of OS and runs the same at their level. It allows their clients to access the OS at super level thereby permits them to install almost any kind of software which is compatible with that OS. VPS is easy to build and can be configured in a user-friendly way equivalent to a dedicated physical server. However, they are cost effective as compared to the dedicated server.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

A large no. of Web hosting companies are present in the market which is offering VPS Hosting services, considered as an extension of the hosting services. In a virtual environment, when proprietary software needs to get licensed, several issues are required to consider as they create obstacles. In a virtual private server, there is a shared bandwidth and a reliable policy of usage must be there.

Why VPS Hosting?

  • Performance: VPS Hosting services results in high and good performance. For this, 3 things need to be considered, quality of hardware, resources, and range of virtual personal servers available on the hardware.
  • Reliability: As reliability is of utmost importance, so same is followed by VPS hosting service providers. These servers offer redundant power with RAID10. It indicates that your VPS even runs when electronic elements also get failed.
  • Price: Prices at which VPS Hosting services are offered are created after a license of entire cPanel is considered.
  • User-friendly: A virtual private server is quite user-friendly. It is like a personal PC of the user. VPS Hosting offers all those software which are required by clients to use their email and for running their website. When a user gets VPS, they will have a Cpanel, which is preloaded, firewall setup and organized initial account.

Some of the Best VPS Hosting Service Providers

  • Dreamhost, one of the top-rated VPS hosting service provider, offers good opportunities. Plans it offers includes features such as unlimited disk space, email accounts, and monthly bandwidth.
  • GoDaddy, one more satisfactory VPS Hosting service provider offers multi-tier VPS plans at affordable prices. This company also provides a choice of using Windows or Linux servers and offers unlimited email accounts and domains. GoDaddy is an excellent option for both small as well as large businesses as its VPS services are appropriate for businesses operating on the large basis.
  • iPage, Company’s hosting packages of VPS comes with access to RAM, core CPU, Disk space, Domains, Bandwidth, and others. As every business has a different budget, so plans offered by the company can be modified by the user according to his specific needs so that VPS package can fit easily as per their budget. This is the biggest quality providing by the company, hosting services.
  • Inmotion, in the market, in the list of web hosts, it acquires a top position. VPS Hosting Plans offered by company offers high rated performance and best value. All the plans are offered at competitive prices and are mainly recommended for those e-commerce businesses which are having resource intensive web applications.
    Bluehost, one of the recognized and reputed web hosting company is an excellent choice for offering VPS hosting services. Four VPS plans i.e. standard, enhanced, premium, & ultimate are offered to those businesses or sites which required VPS hosting service. These plans are quite cost-effective and provide with high-quality hardware.
  • A2 Hosting, a great and reputed as well as excellent choice for offering VPS hosting. A no. of plans both managed & unmanaged is offered by the company. Unmanaged hosting plans are considered good for those advanced users who wish to customize or configure their account. It is highly recommended because its packages can be highly customized, offers the best value, good performance, & affordable prices.
  • Arvixe, offers with the PCMag Editors’ Choice for VPS hosting, as the company has tested the same and came to know that it is one of the best VPS service providers. It comes with good packages which offer unlimited email accounts, monthly bandwidth/ data transfers & domains. There are very few companies which provides a choice of Windows or Linux servers in VPS services and Arvixe is one of them.

Drupal Hosting Service and Providers

Benefits of Drupal Content Management Platform

  • Users: Most preferred web content management among global enterprises, governments, higher education institutions, and NGOs. Also, technology and business leaders consider it as a favored platform.
  • Flexible and scalable and robust digital websites
  • Multi-language support: Users can publish web site in multiple languages across many devices
  • Support: Backed by world’s most innovative open source community

Web Hosting Companies Supporting Drupal

  • A leading web hosting provider, and gold partner with Microsoft support Drupal 8.3.7 Hosting
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