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Latest News and Hosting Review HostingArmor

Hosting armor no more offering hosting services

HostingArmor Company Introduction

A group of obsessive people who try to better the hosting each and every day constitutes HostingArmor. It began with Ink Ignite as a design website offering a variety of website design, logo design, and SEO services. With the passage of time, it is realized that it proves to be much better if the company is able to offer to host to its client. A direct result of its goal to better websites resulted in Ink Ignite Hosting.

How it works –

1. Add your domain.

HostingArmor’s vulnerability database is continuously updated with the latest security vulnerability profiles.

2. HostingArmor Scans the Site.

HostingArmor scans the server’s configuration and files, searching for known vulnerabilities in our database of 40,000 security exploits.

3. Receive the Scan Reports.

The daily report and any on-demand scan reports are available in the HostingArmor account, via email and now also available through the cPanel account.

4. Add Your Site Seal.

If the security scan is completed without any security holes being found, the HostingArmor site seal will report the successful scan status to the visitors.


HostingArmor also has the world’s first security scanning plugin for the cPanel control panel, designed by and for web hosting resellers. It offers an affiliate opportunity second to none in the security scan arena.

The plans offered at HostingArmor are:-

  • Basic Plan
  • Security Plan
  • Security Plus
  • Security Max

Customer Support

The entire Armor Development Design Team is dedicated to ensuring that the services which are provided by the company are built on integrity, respectability, and professionalism.


The servers are powered by CentOS Enterprise Linux and use dual Xeon E5620 2.40 GHz Quad Core Processors. The servers are equipped with 12 GB of DDR2 or DDR3 RAM. The company has RAID10 and full account weekly backups. (Dedicated server specs are available on the product page.)

By providing top-line server resources to its client base, it can truly guarantee a 99.9% network uptime for all shared servers (100% for dedicated servers). This uptime is a result of hard work, careful programming, and a large network of providers who deliver 100 Mbps constant connection speeds both up and down.

Shared hosting is on a 100 MBit network, and dedicated servers are on a 1000+ GBit network. It uses redundant-certified networks featuring the following fiber providers (and more):

  • AT&T
  • Global Crossing
  • Time Warner
  • Level3
  • NTT America
  • nLayer


HostingArmor scans the server for more than 40,000 vulnerabilities each day alerting the clients to the latest security holes in their system. Display HostingArmor’s certified security seal to improve consumer confidence and sales.

  • Defend Against Google Blacklisting Top search engine, Google, now systematically bans websites known to contain malicious code, adding to the potential threat of website hackers.
  • Protect Your Visitors In 2008, a study found that 51% of malicious websites are hacked. It also found that nearly 100,000 websites, including the State of Virginia, the City of Cleveland and even security company Computer Associates were hacked via web application vulnerabilities.
  • Protect Against Consumer and Corporate Data Theft According to Barracuda Labs, 73% of organizations have been hacked at least once in the last 24 months through insecure web applications. HostingArmor’s scanner alerts us of out of date and vulnerable applications and thus keeping us ahead of the hackers.
  • Protect Against Website Defacement Often data theft is not the goal of a hacker, many hackers simply hack for the bragging rights. Leaving their mark on the website is just one way they have their fun, but it could leave you with lost data and a tarnished reputation.
  • It Costs Less Than Your Daily Coffee The Ponemon Institute found that website attacks are the biggest concern for companies, yet 88% spend more on coffee than securing web applications. Luckily, a single HostingArmor subscription costs less than our daily cup of coffee.

Customer Service

To better facilitate it’s customers’ ability to report and track issues in a timely manner it has provided the clients with an interactive ticket system. Using this system customers are able to enter a support request and then later track the progress of their request. In addition to supporting requests, our Support Ticket System can also be used to make other inquiries to customer service, design updates, and sales. It is providing this ticket system to provide the customers with a higher level of customer service.

Thus, HostingArmor is the most reliable, cost-effective, solution to the website needs.


Latest News and Hosting Review Webhostingpad

Company Overview

Webhostingpad was established in 2005 and since inception it is offering cheap web hosting services without compromising quality, support and service, to their customers. They deliver best quality web hosting services and hosted over 1,50,000 domains successfully. For their high quality services, company has received various awards and recognitions.

The market is literally littered with webhosting companies but the sad thing is that not all of them are genuine in nature. However the company Web hosting pad has struck a chord with the people because of the wonderful services that it provides on a daily basis. You too can go out and hire the services of the company but it would be wise to learn something about the company and its services. Looking for reviews on the internet will not help as different reviews have different point of view and it will only add to your confusion. This review on the other hand will help you to understand the various services that the company offers you and how you can benefit from them.

The company has been around for quite a number of years. In spite of certain technical problems, the company has managed to maintain its reputation and retain its core customer base. Till date, some people have complained about the services but the company works even harder to please everyone by providing reliable services.

It is among the leaders in the hosting industry. It’s hosting services can only be described as the best. Since it was started the company has been among the pace setters in the hosting industry and has maintained its reputation up to date.

Hosting Services

Web hosting pad offers a wide variety of services when it comes to web hosting. The company has many customized packages for reasonable amount of money. The price charged by this company is so reasonable that it is giving the competitors stiff competition. The company offers Linux web hosting services along with a control panel that is very easy to use; so you will not have any trouble in managing  your website. You can also visit the official website to learn more about the various services offered by the company.

Shared Hosting Price @ $1.99/mo Review

For Whom

Webhostingpad is mainly recommended for individuals, small business owners, bloggers and espcecially for beginners. It is cheap, user friendly and reliable and does not include all the features offered by other web hosts, so it is good for freshers or beginners as initially they don’t required advanced features. Those who are having a simple and small website whether for personal or commercial purpose, for them it is a good option.


Like other web hosting providers, WebHostingPad also offers various features such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth, e-mail accounts, MySQL Databases, 30 day money back guarantee, a free domain name, free website builder, and several others.

For large business websites and advanced web designers or developers, it offers some of the additional features such as SSH access, SSL certificates, an advanced security scan, and others for a price.

For E-Commerce, Advanced Firewall, OS Commerce Shopping Cart etc. features are offered. Some Bonus features are also there like Form-mail Script, PHP Nuke , Mailing List and others.

Activities / Operations

Web Designing

Free Website builder is offered by company to design your site. It offers over 100’s of designs, Photo retouching & editing, Goodies, Guest books, Calendar, build customized forms, online photo album, web blog and manage the same. An Online Store is also set up for you.

VPS Hosting

Here three plans are offered for three different categories:

  1. Beginner – It is an entry level package for individuals or beginners. It comprises of 20 GB Disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth, 1GB Guaranteed Memory, 1 Dedicated IP Addresses, FREE Setup. Price begins at $19.95/mo.
  2. Professional – Best suited for small and medium sized businesses and websites having high traffic . It includes 80 GB Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 2 GB Guaranteed Memory, 2 Dedicated IP Addresses, FREE Setup at the starting price of $34.95/mo.
  3. Premium – Appropriate for those who required most powerful VPS. Ideal plan for e-commerce and business sites operating on a large scale. It offers 160 GB Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 4 GB Guaranteed Memory, 3 Dedicated IP Addresses, FREE Setup. Starting price is only $49.95/mo.


  1. Webhostingpad offers a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee to their customers if they are not satisfied with the services offered.
  2. Customer service offered by Webhostingpad is available for throughout the day, week and year. Their staff is always available on their helpdesk to support you at any time of the day. You may interact with the staff via live chat, e-mail or phone.
  3. Web hosting products and services offered are of high and good quality thus it ensures satisfaction to clients.
  4. Webhostingpad supports all types of applications / technologies such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc.
  5. Powerful Control panel is offered in various languages so that you may control your website at your own. For help, tutorials are available on your website.
  6. Cheap Web hosting services are offered.
  7. No Hidden fees concept is followed.
  8. It offers complete back up of the solution.
  9. Words Class Data Centres in Chicago, IL possessing high quality, redundant servers and secure and flexible web infrastructure.
  10. 99.99 % Uptime guarantee is also offered.

Customer Service

This is an area that should be taken care of by the company. This does not imply that the quality of the services have not improved at all.  The chat feature is not very good but the overall technical support has improved drastically. You can even look up these details by conducting a search on the internet.

Webhostingpad hosting has a reputation in the industry as a trustworthy, reliable and reputable web host who offer outstanding customer care support. The technical team and customer care desk are reachable throughout the day and night to look into customers issues.

Performance of the company

To analyze the performance well you have to run a comparative study with the other service providers. However this company strives to provide affordable web hosting services to the customers. This company takes special care in connecting to each customer on an individual basis. The company also returns money to certain customers who are for some reason not happy with the services that are provided to them.

Everything that the Webhostingpad web hosting company offers their clients is excellent, from the network up time to the very fast and reliable hosting speed to the excellent customer care support and technical support and feature rich hosting along with a great reputation over the years to top it all up.  They employ the use of the cPanel control panel, use RAID  protected servers and SSD database storage thus making them the best  hosting company in the industry.


The company started out pretty small during its formative years. The services offered by the company were pretty limited and the quality was not very reliable and as usual that attracted a lot of criticism from the people The company took it all in stride and worked really hard in developing better services for the customers. Today the service provider has managed to build quite an impressive customer base; within the last few years this has become a very noticeable service provider in the market. In fact the press has also given the company rave reviews in their article.

Webhostingpad Reliability

The company offers their clients a network up time of up to 99.98% ensuring that their sites are online throughout. Furthermore, the company employs highly skilled staff who deal with their clients’ issues throughout the day and night. The technical team and the customer care support team are always ready and willing to help clients with any issues regardless of what time of day or night it is.

Reliable customer care and technical support along with a guaranteed network up time of 99.9%, and featuresrich hosting that goes along way in offering their clients exactly the kind of hosting that they are looking for from the company.

Before ending this article, here are the Contact Details of the Webhostingpad, so that you may avail their high quality and cheap hosting services by reaching them.

Mailing Address, Inc.

318 Half Day Rd. Suite 197

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


  • Sales:
  • Billing Support:


  • Toll Free: (877) 998-4678
  • Local/Intl: +1 (847) 346-1801
  • Fax: (847) 258-4745

Latest News, Listing and Hosting Review Site5

Company Introduction is the most leading and established web hosting company founded in 1998. Since then the company has been providing their client’s outstanding web hosting services. They offer basic web hosting that is hosting as well as VPS hosting along with 100 team members, 24/7 consistent support is carried out domestically. Their servers are in United States, Canada, Netherlands, Romania, Sydney, London, Brazil, Singapore, and India. Clients can buy web hosting and switch their accounts and move all sites from other hosting solution free of charge. The company have servers at data centers all around the globe with this feature site loads quickly and much more responsive.

Site5 web hosting provider has customized control panel also that make it simple for the beginners. It uses high-end servers and divides it between small numbers of users. The company was one of the first four licensed cPanel distributors and served as a leader in hosting software innovation and also won various awards for hosting review outlets.

Site5 Advantages

  1. No Overloaded Servers- Philosophy of this hosting is based on guaranteed performance and frequently upgrading hardware platform among the best in the industry. The company has used years of experience and technical analysis performed by technical experts to ascertain exactly how many accounts necessary on given server. Now server could easily handle any clients.
  2. No Outsourced Support- Through outsourcing support user can save a lot of money, but the user gets frustrated dealing with support team member that doesn’t understand the issue. Site5 has developed an outstanding team of dedicated staff members, as in house employees. Each team member knows the company’s details and his knowledge base expertise.
  3. No Tricks- Site5 web hosting have no hidden charges, and they don’t sell services on gimmicks, misleading information or trendy offering. It delivers high-quality web hosting along with great features.
  4. 45-day Money Back Guarantee- If clients ever dissatisfied with the services or unhappy, the company will refund full amount within 45 days without any questions.

New Data Center in Paris

Site5 has added Paris as a new location for shared hosting, VPS and Reseller with monthly premium are $1, $2 and 10$. If it’s one data center has network or power issues, then a small proportion of their customer will suffer disruption. There will be a small cost for transferring the account to a new server.

Site5 Security System

The company has measures to implement proper security for their servers. The system helps to prevent HTTP attacks and system enforcing stronger password.

Site5 Plans and Prices

All plans are significantly structured with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, though the kind of services and support site justifies the cost.

  • Basic Plan- Through this plan user can host only one website and need to pay for one year. It starts at $4.95 per month.
  • Pro Plan- Pro plan starts at $8.95 per month and features of this plan is similar to the basic plan except the user can host some domains.
  • Pro+Turbo- It includes features of Pro Plan as well as hosts any number of domains and also gets a dedicated IP. Its price starts at $11.95 per month.

The company also has reseller hosting, starts from $23.95 per month as well as VPS hosting starts at $55 per month according to chosen location of a server. All plans include standard features like free backup, free migration to the company and get the freedom of selecting a site of a server.

Site5 Uptime and Reliability

Site5 delivers 99.9% uptime guarantee, with a full refund in case of user’s dissatisfaction. The company has 24/7 support through email, live chat and technical support as well as phone support during business hours. They have so many data centers. Hence, they offer exceptional reliability. A customer can buy web hosting from Site5 after comparing all web hosting providers.

Site5 is one of the very good webs hosting company. Launched in 1998 by Matt Lightner and was revived again in year 2008 by Joel Brown and Ben Welch Bolen. Its office is situated in Denver. It has more than 65 employees and serves more than 40,000 customers, all over the world. It has various web hosting plans by which they offer web hosting with different features to serve the needs of their clients or customers.

Site5 Hosting Features

Site5 offers three different web hosting plans ranging from starter plan to pro plan. Their first plan “Host Basic” plan offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and one website and is the cheapest. Second plan “Host Pro” plan offers disk space, bandwidth and others in unlimited quantity. but does not offer multi admin or dedicated IP address. Their third plan “Host pro turbo” offers dedicated IP address and multi admin. Their shared web hosting plans offer various features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited domains, easy to use control panel for the set up and configuration of the web site, MYSQL, PHP, PERL, Apache, Linux, dedicated IP, SSH, 24 hrs technical support and many more.

Site5 Reliability

Site5 offers their customers 24 hours support, which ensures their reliability, as the provider or their customer care executives are available any-time for their help. With this they are also offering free trial on their web hosting services and refund of full money within 45 days, if customer is not satisfied with their services, which ensures the safety and security of your money, that it is in the safe hands.

Site5 Customer Service

As we have seen that customer satisfaction is the main objective of every organization, so it is followed by Site5 in a very good manner. Their customer support is available 24 hours a day to resolve technical as well as other kind of issues, to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. Their staff is very well technically qualified and trained and have years of experience, which proves to be very beneficial for their customers.

Site5 pros and cons

Site5 offer customers various advantages, such as it provides customers guarantee of their money to be back up in first 45 days of their service, if you are not satisfied with them and want to change or remove. This ensures safety and reliability of your hard earned money, that you may not loose it. They also offer you few discounts on their prices on their few basic hosting plans, by which their plans may prove to be affordable and cheap to you, as compared to other providers offering the same web hosting services. Site5 has another feature such as multi admin which is unique to it and provides it the ability to create additional web sites in just few clicks. When your new web site is created, you may get Linux account with a separate home directory, SSH is also enable for you, provide you with a separate document root for your web site files and cPanel login. SSH is enabling, thus it automatically configure for each user account. In terms of security, free shared SSL certificate is also provided, which can be used for securing your word press admin login. It also provides security to your website by protecting them from hackers, viruses, Trojan horses and worms. It allows you to choose the location of your server and ensures very fast speed during sign up process.

Other than pros, there are few cons i.e. disadvantages also, which is carried by the provider, as we all know that everyone is not perfect, so the same case with companies. For the starters, initial start-up communication. It is not very good for large size business, it is appropriate for small size business, individuals, freelance web developer or designers only. With this, if your requirements are also more or if you are more demanding for the performance, availability or for the managed support, then also it is not a very good choice, in terms of selection of web hosting providers.

Latest News and Hosting Review Greengeeks

Hosting Review Greengeeks – Company Overview

If you are looking for a web hosting service provider then you can hire the services of a Greengeeks but if you are new to web hosting then you should at least take the time in reading a review of the services provided by the company to the customers. Now if you want to read a review of the services of Greengeeks over the internet; you will not find a website that provides a genuine review. In fact, most of the reviews express mixed opinions that may add to your confusion. However, this review is written to get rid of and confusion or doubt that you have in your mind regarding the services of the company. With each hosting plan Green Geeks provide 300% green energy web hosting. With plan EcoSite, the price per month is $ 14.95

They are proud to be a green hosting company with 300% wind-powered functioning. The prices start from $ 4.95. A latest cPanel control panel, unlimited host domain, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Python are its highlights. Sales and support work is by Americans and, monthly payment option is also available.

Key Selling Points

  • Offering hosting services in 150+ countries

Establishment: 2006

Headquarters: LA, California

No. of Customers: 35,000+ customers and 3,00,000+ websites hosted

What for Customers?

  • Provides hosting services on best hardware, software, and network
  • Eco-friendly green web hosting as it uses wind energy
  • Completely focuses on the hosting needs of the customers

Hosting Services

The company offers a wide range of services that are related to web hosting. The company uses Intel Dual Cores combined with RAID technology; this combination is considered to be the best.  The service providers give the customers the facility of unlimited hosting facilities; where the users can host more than one domain. This feature has gone down very well with the general public. The Company provides a very user-friendly control panel that can be used very easily for hosting and managing websites. To learn more about the features you can visit the website. the company provides many packages to the customers; certain packages even provide additional features free of cost.

Company Profile

The company has years of experience in the field of web hosting. The company has been providing affordable hosting services for years together. Sometimes people have complained about the technical issues regarding the services that are offered by the company, but the company has worked really hard over the years to solve those technical problems and provide flawless services to the customers.

Customer service

Here is a list that will sum up all the customer services provided by Greengeeks.

  • Designing services for websites
  • Reliable support on a daily basis
  • Video tutorials  on the different services
  • Smart tools for managing the websites
  • Good quality servers and a decent bandwidth size
  • Reliable customer support
  • Hosting services that are friendly to the environment

You can take the time to do some research to verify these facts

Company’s Performance

Now when it comes to the performance of the company you just have to compare the prices and services with the other companies around. As far as this company is concerned there have been no major complaints about its services. The company refunds money to those customers who are just not satisfied with the services.


Well, Rome was not built in a day; so the company too had to work really hard in building a good reputation for itself. Just like any other new company this service provider had to wade through a lot of difficulties to secure a place in the hosting industry. Today the company has quite a loyal customer base all over the world. This company has also received many awards for outstanding services to the customers.

GreenGeeks Specifications

  • Highest quality servers and bandwidth
  • Dynamic tools offered for account administration
  • Free Domain name for the life time
  • Complete video tutorials and FAQ’s
  • Free Marketing Package and SEO tools and Website builder
  • Safe and Secure E-Mail Accounts
  • Free Backups
  • Most popular and easy to use control panel including Fantastico script library
  • Joomla, Drupal, WordPress applications build sophisticated and robust site
  • Great performance by offering great uptime. Homepage of Green Geeks completely loads in just 3.2 seconds

GreenGeeks Satisfaction

To deliver maximum satisfaction to customers, exceptional customer service for 24 * 7* 365 is offered via live chat, phone and e-mail ticket system. Along with this, 30 Days money back guarantee is also provided by company to their customers, in case they don’t feel or found services offered satisfactory. Datacenter in Chicago, US, Phoenix, US, Toronto, CA, Amsterdam, NL equipped with fire suppression systems, raised floors, 24/7 monitoring, UPS, water detection systems & generators to keep customers data safe and secure.

Hosting Plans

  1.  GreenGeeks Web Hosting- This plan is best suited for individulas and small business owners. It comprises of various features such as Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, SECURE IMAP/POP3 E-mail Accounts, FREE Domain Name Registration or Transfer, FREE Website Migration, Unlimited Domains on 1 Account etc. And for offering this service, it charge at the Price of $ 3.96 per month in the starting.
  2. GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting- Seed, first plan, offers at the starting price of $19.95/mo. It includes 50 GB SSD Web Space, 500 GB Bandwidth, Unlimited cPanel Accounts and many more.
  3. GreenGeeks VPS Hosting- First plan having 1 GB RAM offers at the price of $39.95 per month. It includes 25 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage, 1,000 GB of Bandwidth, 4 Cores CPU and several other features.
  4. GreenGeeks Dedicated Hosting- Entry Server is offered at $169/mo comprises of Intel Atom 330 Dual Core, 2 GB DDR 3 Memory, 1x 500 GB SATA Drive, 5 IP Addresses, 10,000 GB Transfer etc.

In context of other services, APP Hosting Services are offered, as given;

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Drupal Hosting
  • Joomla Hosting
  • cPanel Hosting
  • CMS Hosting

GreenGeeks Additional Features

Additional Features comprises of Unlimited Parked Domains and Sub domains, Webmail Access, CGI Library, Automatic Bruteforce Detection, Hot Data Caching, Mailing Lists, Image Galleries/Coppermine, OS Commerce Shopping Cart, PrestaShop Shopping Cart, Web-based File Manager, Custom Cronjobs, Multiple PHP Versions, Javascript/DHTML, Flash/Shockwave, Password Protected Directories, Open PGP/GPG Encryption, PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, Form-mail Script, PHP Nuke, Guestbook, Override .htaccess Support, Anonymous FTP, Log Files + Site Stats etc.

Contact GreenGeeks


5739 Kanan Rd Suite 300

Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Telephone: 1-877-326-7483

Local: 1-310-496-8946





Latest News and Hosting Review SiteValley

SiteValley Introduction

Name Price Uptime Sitegeek Rating Visit $2.50 /mo 99.9% 50 Visit Now

SiteValley is an inexpensive web hosting provider with security, stability, reliability, and scalability as its attributes. It caters to all types of business needs: from simple to complex custom solutions. Their data centers provide the users with appealing features: assorted connectivity, protection, and an unrelenting, constant support to its customer base.

The Company’s network multiple redundant backing connects all data centers via high capacity lines that enable 99.9% uptime guarantee. Each data center equipped with latest IP structure for effective and efficient web presence.

SileValley Product Description

Shared hosting plans start with Newbie with 1 GB space and unmetered bandwidth with one domain hosting. Pro Hosting supplies unlimited space and bandwidth with ten hosted domains. Small Business plan provides two free domains and free SSL Certificate. VIP Hosting plan provides unlimited hosted domains, free SSL Certificate, and advanced back-ups.

For VPS hosting, SiteValley uses Xen® and OpenVZ. The former grants full virtualization and isolation and is considered one of the fastest, reliable, and secure solutions. Its features range in RAM which varies from 1024-4096 MB and space. The latter provides covers temporary overloads in need of additional memory with its exclusive features. It supplies 512-2048 GB RAM and 20-80 GB space.

Affordable Linux dedicated servers along with free set up and control panels such as Webuzo, DirectAdmin, cPanel or Plesk with 24/7 customer and technical support.

SiteValley Product Price

Shared Hosting prices vary with a number of domains hosted. Newbie starts at a low price of $2.50, and Pro Hosting plan costs $4.95, Small Business plan from $7.95 and VIP Hosting costs $15.9 per month.

VPS hosting plans under Xen® starts from $ 9.99- $39.99 per month.

Linux dedicated server plans start from $55.95 with features like CPU: AMD ATHLON 64 X2 3400 Dualcore 2X 1.8 GHz, RAM: 4 GB DDR3, HDD: 2X 320 GB SATA II and unlimited data transfer.

SiteValley Features

  1. Choice of Control Panels and OS: Webuzo, cPanel, and DirectAdmin control panels are offered by the company. A full range of OS Linux is provided to select upon CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Slackware.
  2. Full Root Access: Full root access bestowed upon the users for optimal usage of functions.
  3. Data Protection: Accidental deletion, hacking instances due to software loopholes become the cause for data loss. SiteValley ensures regular backups to prevent such hassles.
  4. Free Setup and 99.9% uptime guaranteed.
  5. Data Center preference: users given the freedom to select data centers: US and France.
  6. Network issues, maintenance schedules, software up-gradation, etc. are conveyed to the users via the company site with promptness.

SiteValley Support

SiteValley assures its customers superior backing 24/7/365 via chat, phone, and email. For any queries or assistance, the user is required to submit a ticket to help desk and the operators handle the rest. The standard response time is a few seconds in live chat and approximately 2 hours in tickets.

SiteValley Recent News

  1. Software update scheduled for 12th July 2015, from 12.00-1.00 (GMT). This maintenance will influence OpenVZ carrier usvz04. Estimated time does not exceed 60 minutes.
  2. SiteValley has scheduled its site maintenance on July, 19th 2015 from 4.00-5.00am (GMT). Live chat option will not be available during these times. However, users can use-mail and ticket system for support issues.

Latest News and Hosting Review UK2.Net

Hosting Review UK2.Net-Introduction

Name Price Uptime Visit Now $2.98 /mo 99.9% Visit Now

The UK2.NET hosting company was started back in 1998 and has been an active player in the web hosting industry since then. The company is part of the UK2 Group which also owns some of the major hosting companies in the world. Some of the hosting services that the company offers are domain name registration, dedicated server hosting and reseller hosting among many others. The company is rated as among the fastest growing web hosting companies. The company offers both Windows-based and Linux-based hosting services to their clients from all over the world. is primarily Britain’s local web hosting company. It is a part of the UK2 Group which hosts in America. With almost twenty years of experience, they are the “godfathers” of web hosting and have expertise in selling customers more than a million domain names! The company also caters to the needs of clients from over 200 locations worldwide.

This Company offers Softaculous app installer, thus, granting the user potential to install modern software, including WordPress. Joomla, Drupal, and open cart. For a limited time, users can avail around 80% off on a .UK domain. It costs for £1 +VAT only, thereby, making among the best web host for WordPress.

Services Offered

  • shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting-
  • Dedicated Servers-Linux/Windows
  • Domain Names- .com/ .co/ .xxx Etc


UK2.NET is a hosting company that is built on providing excellent web hosting services to their clients from all over the world. Their data centers are well equipped with powerful and state of the art servers to ensure that they offer their clients quality web hosting services. On overall, the company’s performance can only be rated as the best with great speedy hosting that is feature rich and comes with a reliable network up time of up to 99.9% throughout the day and night. Furthermore, the company has a technical team made up of the best engineers who respond very fast to clients technical problems along with a very supportive customer care desk that is reachable round the clock


With a network up time of up to 99.9%, the clients of the UK2.NET web hosting company are no doubt online throughout the day and night which goes a long way in promoting the professionalism of the web host. On top of that, the customer care desk and the technical support team are at the client’s disposal at any time.

Customer Service

Clients of the UK2.NET hosting company can reach the customer care desk 24/7/365 via live chat, e-mail and telephone nad on top of that, the team is very responsive when dealing with their client’s queries. On top of that, they offer clients a 30-day money back guarantee in case they are unsatisfied with the hosting services offered.

Cancellation Policy offers a no hassles warranty. Unsatisfied customers can opt for money back for which the service must be canceled within 30days, and this option is not available for domain names.


Customer issues are taken as top priority 24/7, and continuous support is provided via phone, chat, tickets, and email. Discounts

The company is offering over 80% discount for a.UK domain. Its price is now £1 +VAT.

For web hosting, the company is offering a “Buy one and Get one Free” offer. This offer is for a limited time and the free offer spans for two years.

Company introduction is a local webhosting company in Shoreditch, London. This web host has been in the adult hosting industry for over 15 years and still going strong. The hosting company is part of the UK2 group of hosting companies.


For a little over 15 years now, the web hosting company has been on the front line in offering quality adult web hosting services. This has led company to become a giant in adult hosting.

Services offered

At hosting, clients gets to enjoy website hosting services, domains registration, website design services, VPS hosting services, VPN, reseller hosting and dedicated server hosting services.The web host operates their webhosting services on 3 basic hosting plans; the essential hosting plan which goes for the low price of $2.48 per month and has features such as: a free domain name and 10 websites. The business hosting plan is the other hosting plan available to clients and goes for only $ 2.98 and has unlimited websites, a dedicated IP address, a free SSL certificate and a free domain name.The other hosting plan is the business cloud hosting plan for $6.48 per month and comes with features such as: a free SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address, UK2 cloud, unlimited websites, a free domain and guarantees network uptime SLA.The best part about hosting with is the fact that there are no hidden charges and clients are entitled to get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Some other extras and add-ons you get when hosting at include: SSL certificates, Facebook integration, Stats2, attracta SEO tools, a dedicated IP address along with many others for just a small fee. Among the best features of hosting is the speed, unlimited traffic and e-mails, along with the ability to host multiple websites and a superb customer support team.

Performance hosting ensures that they offer speedy and quality hosting services. On top of that, they use enterprise class hardware which ensures that they offer clients only the best quality web hosting services. The servers they use are top speed and offer you both automation and control of your dedicated server. Their control panel is next-generation and therefore allows you to reboot and even re-imaging without any help. Root/Admin and IPMI are both standard for dedicated servers which gives you complete control.Moreover, their servers come with 1 gigabit connections, which makes them very fast.

Reliability have ensured that their clients trust in the reliability of their hosting services. First of all, they offer clients a guaranteed network up time of up to 100% SLA and to top that up, clients are entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee. The performance and speed of their servers is another plus as it ensures the hosting offered is fast and of good quality.

Customer service

The customer support team at are accessible throughout the day, all year long, they are always on standby to sort out any hosting issues that may arise. You can reach the customer care desk via phone, e-mail and live chat customer support is available to clients 24/7/365

Latest News and Hosting Review Datapipe

Hosting Review Datapipe – Company Overview

Datapipe Is a leading web hosting company particularly on the virtualization platform, founded in 2006.It offers single provider solution for securing and managing mission including infrastructure as a service, cloud computing, platform as a service, data and collocation centers. The company focuses on enhancing data capabilities by providing infrastructure support, and network services optimized for outstanding service performance. Company’s each solution is different and built on predictable cost model to keep a business running efficiently.
Datapipe is widely known for offering customers an option to fully utilize their server resources as well as provide a customized backbone for solutions, according to a predetermined description. These feature proven solutions based hardware from HP, Isilon and 3PAR and provide other infrastructure alternatives upon request, along with cloud-based solutions that deliver access to unmatched flexibility and power. Datapipe can react instantly, solve issues quickly and satisfy needs of the customers. Datapipe has the capability to deliver scale, scope, and agility from the world’s most influential financial and technical markets.

Datapipe Features

Datapipe is having two same time offerings for their clients, one is virtual computing services, and another one is web hosting services along with UNIX, LINUX and Windows hosting services also. Additionally, users get dedicated services including managed and cloud hosting, virtual data centers and collocation with scalable infrastructure that powers various applications around the globe. Datapipe employs the use of biometric access control in the most decisive part of data center tier 4. Their data center offers clients an availability of up to 99.99%.

Datapipe Services

The company provides application management, hosting and security services for large and medium sized industry along with predictable cost model which includes diagnostic, monitoring and issue resolution. Datapipe starts with forecasting needs and results in strategic, long term partnership with expert support without any limitations on the service request. Their goal is to design customized solution with right resources, create personalized, quick response, enterprise ready solution to perform powerfully. They offer solutions combine smart, long term strategic thinking with a range of services and products that develop advantage to a company.

Datapipe Reliability

The company offers Tier 4 data centers which are top class regarding quality and experienced technicians in the business who are available for up to 99.99% to users. Through high-quality hardware, their support team can deliver users with outstanding reliability and is excellent for critical sector and applications.

Datapipe Customer Support

Datapipe helps businesses to move fast with good infrastructure solutions which assist in reducing capital expenses, save operating costs and helps users to dedicate more of their time and resources to businesses, to stay competitive.
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